1st & 2nd team girls get a MIND FIX coaching session!!

LRLCGA Noticeboard : 1st & 2nd team girls get a MIND FIX coaching session!!

Professional Coach Tony Westwood (no relation!!) of Melton Mowbray GC spent several hours with our girls last night at a fascinating Mind Coaching session at Rothley Park.

We all learned how good we were and how the odd mistakes we make are all very small! And therefore easy to


We should spend more time practising things we can achieve rather than things we can't - and neither can the Pro's!.

For example - 10 ft putts!!!

Instead of trying to remember 10 things about your set up and swing - let it become part of you unconscious mind - just do it! The attached photo shows a golfer with all sorts of restrictions on him to help remember what to do! End result - he cant even swing properly!!

We all know that the 6inches between our ears is the most important distance on the golf course - and in life generally!

None of us can concentrate hard for 4/5 hours! Actually hitting the ball only takes up about 15% of the time. So the rest of the time - walk on, head up and take the world in!!!

Just some of the tips from Tony! 

Here's to better performance using the right attitudes and behaviours - just do it and don't be hard on yourselves! 

We're all better than we think!  Thanks Tony!!

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