April 15 at The Shropshire - Teams first outing!!

Junior Match Results : April 15 at The Shropshire - Teams first outing!!

On the first day of the school holidays we all travelled to The Shropshire to play Derbyshire in the morning and Shropshire in the afternoon. 

Our Team consisted of Captain Kirsten Thorpe, Francesca Brimm, Holly Waterfield, Sasha Weightman and Hannah Garner Stevens.

The morning match against Derbyshire was thrilling - Kirsten had an incredibly tight match against her opponent which ended on the 18th green as a half! A fair result from two such good golfers!!

Next was Francesca who also finished on the 18th in victory - 1 up!! 

Holly brought in the next point with a great 5/4 win after some stunning play! 

Our last two players, Sasha and Hannah ( on her debut with the Scratch team) had a real battle on their hands. They both played really well but sadly lost after really good games. 

So the overall result was an honourable Half with Derbyshire! 

It was very exposed but a lovely course! The wind was a very challenging factor for everyone! We nearly got blown off our feet and as the day progressed it got very cold indeed!

Captain Kirsten led the way again after lunch against Shrops. 

We were mindful of the fact that this was the opponents’ home course and were ready for a tough afternoon. 

Well done to Kirsten for saving our skin with a lovely 5/3 win!!

All the other matches were well fought and two went to the 18th - well done Francesca and Holly!

Unfortunately missed putts meant two losses and Sasha and Hannah also lost after incredible battles!!

So we lost to Shropshire 1/4 - all good experience and well done to Shrops!,

Well done Foxes - you all made me very proud and you represented your County so well

Here’s to your next outing on July 28!,

See the gallery for some great pics!!


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