Flag 50 for beginners - for BOYS & GIRLS!!

We are delighted to be able to tell you that our Flag50 & 9 Hole Stablefords will be open to Girls & Boys this year!


Flag50 is aimed at girls & boys with no handicap and introduces them to competitive golf in a safe and fun environment.  There is a series of Flag50 fixtures played at different courses in the County.

No experience is necessary, although it is a good idea for them to have attended a few beginner group lessons.

The girls & boys have 50 shots to get as far round the course as they can.  A maximum of 10 shots is used on any one hole, so the they are all guaranteed to play at least 5 holes.  Players are put into age groups and there is an adult to supervise every group.

This is a brilliant way of starting your golf and making golf friends who you can meet up with every time you play in a County experience!!

When you achieve a handicap of 54 or less, you will graduate from the Flag50 to the 9hole stableford. These competitions run alongside the Flag50 - same dates & venues etc.

The Junior Organiser will advise you when you may move across.

If you have a child or grandchild who would be interested in the Flag50 series/ 9 Hole Stablefords or you would like to find out more information, please contact our Junior Organiser at juniors@lrlcga.co.uk 

All entries will be done online this year, so for more information about venues and entry forms please see the next page - Flag50 & 9 Hole stableford Entry Forms!

We look forward to hearing from you & meeting you!!

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