Handicap League Fixture Dates & Results 2022


Handicap League Division 1

  Beedles Lake Hinckley Scraptoft Ullesthorpe Willesley Park Luffenham Heath FOR AGAINST POINTS
Beedles Lake   3RD AUGUST 
9TH JUNE    27TH JUNE  28th july   26TH MAY         
Hinckley 3rd august   25TH APRIL   12TH MAY  4TH MAY   16th may      
Scraptoft 9th june 25th April     28th july 23rd may  3oth may      
Ullesthorpe 27th june  12th may 28TH JULY    11th august 11th april       
Willesley Park 28th july  4th may 
23RD MAY  
11th August   6th june       
Luffenham Heath 26TH may  16TH MAY  3OTH MAY 11TH APRIL   6th june         


Handicap League Division 2

  Kibworth Melton Mowbray Lutterworth Lingdale Charnwood Forest FOR AGAINST POINTS
Kibworth   20TH JUNE   25th august 1ST JULY  26th may       
Melton Mowbray 20th june   7th july 13TH JUNE   28th july        
Lutterworth  25TH AUGUST 7th july     19TH MAY
6TH MAY       
Lingdale 1st july 13th june  19th May     20TH JULY       
Charnwood Forest 26TH MAY  28TH JULY  6th May  20th july           


Handicap League Division 3

  Rutland Water The Leicestershire Kilworth Springs Cosby  Kirby Muxloe   FOR AGAINST POINTS
Rutland Water    12th may 9th May  21st JULY  16TH JUNE          
The Leicestershire 12TH MAY   22nd July 24TH AUGUST  23rd JUNE    
Kilworth Springs 9TH MAY 22nd july    18TH MAY  20TH JUNE    
Cosby 21st july 24th august 18th may    7TH JULY    
Kirby Muxloe 16th June  23rd June 20th june 7th july          


Handicap League Division 4

  Birstall  Whetstone Glen Gorse Market Harborough Longcliffe Rothley Park FOR AGAINST POINTS
Birstall   30th may  22nd june 2oth APRIL 26th May 4th august      
Whetstone 30th may     19th may 25th august 10th June 30th June      
Glen Gorse 22nd june  19TH MAY   7th july  1st August  28th april      
Mkt Harborough 20th April   25th August 7th July   12th May 26th may       
Longcliffe 26th may  10th JUNE 1st AUGust 12TH MAY   23rd JUNE      
Rothley Park 4TH AUGUST  30th JUNE 28th april  26th may 23RD JUNE          
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