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July Newsletter

Hi everyone

It’s been so nice to hear of everyone’s achievements this month! The Whatsapp group has been pinging daily with handicap cuts, competition wins and hole in ones! It seems like the season is finally starting to go back to normal and I hope you have all been enjoying playing golf again. Now that the summer holidays are fast approaching, I’m sure there will be even more to report next month!

Starting off with the girls from Lutterworth, both Wheeler sisters have cut their handicaps. Katie Wheeler reduced hers from 48 to 46 and Lucy Wheeler had a massive drop from 40-28 after shooting 55 points in a stableford! Lila Bisset has also had an excellent golfing month. After winning the ladies stableford with 43 points and then breaking 90 for the first time, Lila went on to win the 1971 cup with a nett 64 and a handicap cut to 26. Following on from this, she placed third in the Robert Rock Junior Tour at Wharton Park in the U18 girls section. After all of these fabulous scores, her handicap has been cut to 21.8! Amazing results from all three girls, the hard work is paying off.

That is not all for the Little Foxes...Ella Cunnigham won the 9 hole stableford with 22 points and has had a handicap cut to 33. Henrietta Geddes has also had a handicap cut to 30.7 after shooting 100 gross, nett 66 winning the Paula Taylor cup at Beedles Lake. Congratulations girls! I have also had a couple of comments from some of the Little Foxes parents mentioning the older girls, the Little Foxes seeing them as role models and playing with them on the course. It’s fantastic to see the bond between the younger and older girls growing; I hope this continues in the future.

Now for some of our older girls, the most noticeable thing this month being Ruth Brooks’ hole in one at Kibworth! This was her second one in 10 months! Hannah Garner-Stephens also shot 37 points at Rothley in the Tuesday stableford and some news from myself, I topped the ladies leader board in the Saturday competition with 35 points. The conditions for the first nine holes being rain, with a thundery downpour on the 8th, barely being able to see 10 metres in front of you, it felt more like winter golf than summer golf!

A couple of weeks ago I sent out the entry form for my captain’s day taking place at Rothley Park on Sunday 2nd August. Although the deadline for the entries is the 24th July, I’m asking if all entries could be sent to me as quickly as possible as with the new guidelines and lockdown rules, planning my day has become harder and so I would be most grateful if I could receive them ASAP.  My email address is vickymayfield21@gmail.com

I hope you all have a good golfing month and some luck falls upon you like it did to Paige when she met Charley Hull at Cosby last month!

Vicky x

Created: 02-Jul-20 17:37

June Newsletter

Hi everyone

I’m sure Wednesday 13th May brought much joy to you all. The golf courses reopened and a glimpse of normality was upon us (particularly for those parents who once again became taxi services!) I have particularly enjoyed the past few weeks of being able to go out on the course again, although leaving the pins in is not my favoured option, the freedom of being able to go out on the course has been welcomed, even if it has been made clear that work needs to be done on my swing! I hope you have all enjoyed getting back out on the course and hopefully next month there may be news from you about competitive golf that you have been playing at your club!

Last month I set up a quiz, I do hope that those of you that attempted it enjoyed it and so here’s the answers: 

Little Foxes Answers 

1. Sue Bailey

2.Charnwood Forest & the Leicestershire 

3. 1890

4. 9

5. Lingdale, the Leicestershire, Cosby and Lutterworth 

6. Jessie Sheridan

7. Anita Higginson, Jo Mayfield, Rich Parkinson, Julie Hunt, Joy Draycott, Lyndsey Wheeler, Sue Bailey

8. The Masters

9. 4

10. Fore

11. 14

12. C

13. B

14. Charley Hull’s shirt and Ruth Broooks won it 

15. Scarlett Stevenson

16. Lila Bisset 

17. Paige McManus, Karan Johal, Emily Gallacher

18. Evie Carter and Zoe North

19.The British Open

20.Charley Hull


Silver Foxes Answers 

1. Sue Bailey 

2. Charnwood Forest & the Leicestershire 

3. 1890

4. Ellie York

5. Eleanor Parkinson

6. 9

7. Anika Sorenstam 

8. Catriona Matthews 

9. Ruth Brooks 

10. Anita Higginson, Jo Mayfield, Rich Parkinson, Julie Hunt, Joy Draycott, Lyndsey Wheeler, Sue Bailey

11. Kym Larratt, Katie Tebbet, Tony Westwood

12. Olivia Barrs

13. False

14. False - matchplay is loss of hole

15. A. Ernie Els

     B. Miguel Angel Jiminez 

     C. Sergio Garcia

     D. Paula Creamer

     E. Arnold Palmer

16. Justin Rose

17. The general area, the teeing area, the fairway, the bunkers, the green of the ole you are playing

18. Eleanor Parkinson, Kirsten Thorpe, Victoria Mayfield, Holly Waterfield, Sasha Weightman

19. Kym Larratt, Katie Tebbet

20. Charley Hull’s shirt and Ruth Brooks won it

VIcky x 

Created: 05-Jun-20 11:18

May Newsletter

Hi everyone

No news to report this month...so instead a quiz for you all. I have made two quizes - one for the Silver Foxes and one for the Little Foxes.

Prizes will be awarded on my captain's day for each quiz so answers must be in by Friday 15th May - please email me the answers.

Answers will be posted in June's newsletter when hopefully we'll be back playing 

Good Luck!

Vicky x


Little Foxes Quiz

1. Who was junior organiser between Helen Buckingham and Anita Higginson? 

 2. What are the two oldest golf clubs in Leicestershire?

3. What year were they founded?

 4. At the MNR championships last year, Leicestershire did very well (yay) and picked up a lot of prizes. How many L&R girls picked up prizes?

5. Which four clubs took part in girls golf rocks last year?

6. Who at the MNR championships last year said “I thought I was going to die!” after her round? (All in good spirits) 

 7. Name the county girls junior committee (7)

 8. In which men’s golf tournament do the caddies wear the same white boiler suits and green hats?

9. In a stableford competition, how many points would you score for an eagle? 1,2,3,4 or 5?

10. Which word is traditionally shouted to warn anyone standing or moving in the flight of a golf ball?

 11. How many clubs can you have in your bag? 10, 12 or 14

12. If you score a 3 on a par 4, what did you make?

A. Bogey

B. Par

C. Birdie

D. Eagle 

 13. Who plays first in matchplay?

A. The player nearest the hole

B. The player furthest from the hole

 14. Which ladies golfer donated her shirt that was used as a fundraiser for the L&R county girls and who won it?

 15.Who won the 18 hole girls gross trophy at the county girls championships last year?

16. Who won the 18 hole girls nett trophy at the girls county championships last year

17. Who was part of the winning handicap team that won the gross prize at the four counties championship at Ruddington Grange last year?

18. Who are the Little Foxes coaches?

19. If you are the champion golfer of the year, what tournament have you won?

20. Which ladies British golfer got married after the Solheim cup last year?


Silver Foxes Quiz 

1. Who was junior organiser between Helen Buckingham and Anita Higginson? 

 2. What are the two oldest golf clubs in Leicestershire?

3. What year were they founded?

 4. Which junior won the junior county championship and the ladies county championship in the same year?

 5. Who has their name on the same trophy as Charley Hull and Jo Mayfield? 

 6. At the MNR championships last year, Leicestershire did very well (yay) and picked up a lot of prizes. How many L&R girls picked up prizes?

 7. Which Swedish golfer retired in 2008, with 90 international titles to her name and is regarded as the best female golfer ever?

 8. Who won the Ladies British Open in 2009 at Royal Lytham and St Annes which was only her second tournament back after giving birth? 

 9. Which county girl had a hole in one last year? 

 10. Name the county girls junior committee (7)

11. Name the three professionals that work with the Silver Foxes

12. Who won the county girls championship in 2018?

13. In strokeplay, a player may practice from a bunker close to the putting green of the hole just played. True or False?

 14. The general penalty is a two stroke penalty in strokeplay and matchplay. True or false?

15. Can you name the players from the following nicknames? 

A. The Big Easy 

B. The Mechanic

C. El Niño 

D. The Pink Panther  

E. The King 

 16. At the summer 2016 Olympics, which golfer own the men’s individual tournament?

17. Name the five defined areas on the golf course? 

18. Name the girls in the squad that beat Lincolnshire 4 1/2 - 1/2 at Trent Lock last year  

19. Which two Leicestershire pros have been on the ladies tour? 

20 Which ladies golfer donated her shirt that was used as a fundraiser for the L&R county girls and who won it?

Created: 01-May-20 18:04

April Newsletter

Hi all

Well what a time we’re living in! The coronavirus situation has certainly halted us all in our tracks and so the first thing I would like to say is I hope you are all safe and well, both mentally and physically through these uncertain times. Unfortunately, all of the golf courses being shut combining just with the start of the season has meant not a lot of golf, so it has been great to see a lot of you coming up with inventive ways of keeping your golf going at home! Due to the situation all county events and coaching have been cancelled for April but we will keep you all updated about events after this and whether they are taking place.

At the start of the year, Willesley, Lutterworth and Glen Gorse golf club all welcomed new junior captains. These were Eleanor Parkinson (Willesley), Holly Waterfield (Lutterworth) and Francesca Brimm (Glen Gorse). It is great to see the girls making a mark in junior sections at clubs, particularly when the junior sections are mixed. Fantastic achievements girls and I wish you all the best for the season.

It has been great to hear what you have all been doing. Lila Bisset has certainly been getting into the golf season! She currently has 6 Order of Merit points on the Robert Rock Junior Tour, has been selected to play for the Lutterworth junior team and was awarded a sportsmanship award for helping young players at the club, along with being awarded the Junior Trophy at Lutterworth for being the most improved newcomer/high handicapper. Some more news from Lutterworth, Katie Wheeler won the first stableford of the season with 38 points. Grace Hubbard completed the level 1 R&A rules of golf online. Great work girls, keep it going!

The older girls haven’t been left behind in what they’ve been doing. Francesca, Holly, Eleanor and myself were invited to take part in the county ladies first and second team winter series. This ran from November until March, with one meet up a month. It was great experience  for the four of us to play with the county ladies and helped us make ourselves feel comfortable with everyone.

It was great to see everyone at the launch meeting earlier this month (how long ago this feels). I have to say my favourite part was seeing all of you who are going on the Woodhall trip faces. As I’ve been three times I already know how much fun and laughter you are all going to have, but the older girls couldn’t get away without going on a trip themselves after handing Woodhall over to the younger ones. Myself, the first team and reserves are (hopefully depending on the coronavirus situation) going to Seacroft which I know we are all looking forward to. On behalf of the girls I would like to thank Anita and Jo for giving up their time for taking us on these trips, we really do appreciate it.

Since we can’t go out on the golf course, many of you have been finding new ways to practice at home. Zoe and Evie’s chipping challenge was a tester so it was nice to see so many of you getting involved; congratulations go to Edie who won the challenge! The spirit is still high between us all which is fantastic to see...even if it is over whatsapp!

Reminder: The entry forms for my captain’s day will be going up on the website soon, I’ll let you all know when this happens but keep your eyes peeled!

 In the meantime stay safe and keep golfing (in whatever way you can)!

Vicky x

Created: 01-Apr-20 15:30
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