Obtaining a CONGU® Handicap

How do I obtain a CONGU® Handicap ?

In order to be allocated a CONGU® Handicap you must first be a member of a golf club which is affiliated to one of the seven 'Home' Unions/Associations e.g. English Golf Union, Irish Ladies Golf Union, Scottish Ladies Golfing Association and Golf Union of Wales. The golf club will then allocate you a handicap according to the requirements of CONGU® Unified Handicapping System Version 2012-2015.

What are the requirements for obtaining a CONGU® Handicap ?

Having satisfied the requirements for membership of a Club, CONGU® requires that to get a handicap a player must submit cards from 54 holes of golf, marked by a person approved by the Club. The rounds must be played at that Club over a measured course and may consist of any mix of 9 hole or 18 hole cards, though the preference is for 3 x 18 hole scores. The Club will then adjust the returned scores, so that a lady never records more than 3 over par and a man never more than 2 over par on any individual hole. The cards are then assessed and the club allocates a CONGU® handicap based on the amount the lowest score returned exceeds the Standard Scratch Score of the course played (after taking into account other factors it considers relevant).

When the club considers it appropriate to the player's ability, a lower CONGU® handicap than that indicated by the scores may be allocated; particularly where the player has previously held an approved handicap. In exceptional circumstances a club may allocate a higher handicap than indicated by the scores returned. Once the Club has allocated a CONGU® handicap to a player, it becomes the player's Home Club for handicap purposes and it is responsible for administering and maintaining that CONGU® Handicap fully in accordance with the requirements of the System.

Although not specifically required by the System the Club may require the player to demonstrate a knowledge of the Rules of Golf and the etiquette of the game before allocating a handicap.

What is the maximum CONGU® Handicap that can be awarded ?

The maximum CONGU® handicap allowed under the System is an exact handicap of 36.0 for ladies and 28.0 for men. These equate to a playing handicap of 36 shots for ladies and 28 shots for men. Even where the cards submitted for handicap allocation do not justify a handicap of 36 (or 28 depending on gender) the Club may, at its discretion award a CONGU® handicap to the player. However the Club has the absolute discretion to refuse to allocate a CONGU® handicap should it consider the player has not attained a suitable standard.

The System suggests that clubs adopt an extended handicap range for junior golfers, up to 54, but once they have reached a standard that would justify a 36 handicap (girls) and 28 (boys) they should be handicapped in the same way as all other players. Until the junior reaches the required standard required to gain a CONGU® handicap the player's handicap is restricted to play within the Club.

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