Results for 2018 Handicap League

LRLCGA Noticeboard : Results for 2018 Handicap League

The Handicap League has proved problematic to resolve in that we have lost another team, Rutland County, and that, with the withdrawal of Park Hill this has resulted in only three teams in Division 5. The matter was discussed at length at the Executive Board meeting and a number of permutations were considered with the final outcome being that no club will be demoted this year and 2 clubs from Division 4 will be promoted as they had the same number of points, albeit it a slightly different game difference.


So, the overall winners of the Handicap League were Willesley Park, well done to them for winning both the Scratch and Handicap leagues.

Winners of Division 2 are Melton Mowbray who will now join Division One giving us 6 teams in that Division.

Winners of Division 3 are Charnwood Forest who will move into Division Two giving us 5 teams in Division 2.

Winners of Division 4 were Rothley Park who join Longcliffe in moving into Division 3 giving us 6 teams in that Division. That will then leave 6 teams in the new Division 4.

This will provide an equitable split across the 23 remaining teams in the league.

Full details of the results and fixtures for 2019 will be published shortly in the Competitions/Handicap section of the webiste,

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