Scratch League 2022 Fixture dates & Results


Scratch League Division 1

  Glen Gorse Luffenham Heath Willesley Park Lingdale Rothley Park FOR AGAINST POINTS
Glen Gorse   W 5/2 8th August L 0/7 25th july 9   2   
Luffenham Heath L 2/5   25th july 14th july W 5½/1½  7½     6½ 
Willesley Park 8th august 25th july   W 5½/1½ 14TH JULY    
Lingdale W 7/0 14th july  1½/   8th august     
Rothley Park 25th july 1½/  14th july 8th august      


Scratch League Division 2

  Cosby Kibworth The Leicestershire Hinckley Lutterworth FOR AGAINST POINTS


 W 5½/½  8th august D 3/3  25th july     
Kibworth ½/5½    25th july  14th july W 4½/1½    7 
The Leicestershire 8th august  25th july     W 6/0  14th july  0 
Hinckley D 3/3  14th july   L 0/6   8th august   3    9 


  25th july  L 1½/4½  14th july   8th august       4½   


Scratch League Division 3

  Birstall Beedles Lake Longcliffe Market Harborough  Ullesthorpe  Kilworth Springs FOR AGAINST POINTS
Birstall   L 1/4  25th july L 1/4  14th july   8th august
Beedles Lake  W 4/1    14th july 8th august    W 4½/½ 25th july  8½   
Longcliffe  25TH JULY  14TH JULY    W 4/1  8th august W 4/1 
Market Harborough  W 4/1   8TH AUGUST  L 1/4    25th july 14th july
Ullesthorpe  14TH JULY ½/4½  8TH AUGUST 25TH JULY   L 2/3    
Kilworth Springs  8th august 25th july L 1/4  14th july   W 3/2   6




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